• Bister Mustards decorated with Smurf images

Bister Mustards decorated with Smurf images13/06/2016

To celebrate its 90th anniversary, the Bister mustard factory has smurfed a Walloon partnership with the delightful creatures dreamt up by Peyo. The brand's jars will be decorated with Smurf images and, just days before the start of Euro 2016, there's even talk of football but not only that...

Discussions between the Achêne-based company near Ciney and certain retailers (Carrefour, Mestdagh, Intermarché, Cora, Spar) are on track for marketing the mustard products. For the delight of collectors and fans, the illustrations will evolve over the next three years. A period which looks set to be action-packed for the little blue creatures with a starring role in their own feature film in early 2017 and a permanent exhibition to be displayed in Antwerp station. Not forgetting their 60th birthday in 2018.