Food (Meat) Wallonia Contact Days, 9-10 May 2019. Wanze, Belgium28/05/2019

8 May 2019: Wallonia is welcoming an imposing group of 19 businessmen coming from 9 countries from Central & Oriental Europe to explore the local Food (focus meat) market. Two days of 270 B2B meetings ahead. The Belgian Meat Association FEBEV (presentation attached), more than 30 Walloon companies from the food sector(in annex) and hopefully their future representatives in Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Serbia are going to have their first business talks in the premises of hotel Naxhelet in Wanze.

Next two days went by as fast as a wink, as the three Bulgarian enterprises had a very tight schedule.

Brothers Commerce, Nova Trading Company and Pro Food are among the major business establishments that operate on the meat market in our country. All of them generated a huge interest among the Belgian firms. As expected, their agendas were fully booked with Walloon manufacturers willing to see their products sold in Bulgaria, too.

Brothers Commerce is an important trading company for meat and meat products, dairy and fish products, frozen and canned vegetables, packaged food, spices, etc., with 2 own brands - “Master Gosh" and “Cres“, 5 warehouses and many grocery stores throughout Bulgaria. Iliya IVANOV, its Buying, Import & Sales Manager, highly appreciated the quality of the goods the Walloon producers offer.

Nova Trading Company & is a serious importer and distributor of frozen and chilled red and white meats, sea delicacies, fish and vegetables, also with 5 warehouses in the country. According to Tihomir TRIFONOV, its International Purchases & Sales Manager, the contact days in Wallonia were more than useful.

Last but not less important, Pro Food Bulgaria is a significant trading partner in import and export of meat and meat products, seafood and vegetables. Aneta NAKOVA, its Country Manger here, found the program extremely well done, the meetings fruitful and well targeted.

We all look forward to the results of this forum